Safety Tag

Varieties of safety tags

Non-Test Tags
Non-test tags instruct workers to refrain from testing potentially hazardous equipment unless they recieve permission from higher-ups. Tags like these prevent accidents by deterring workers who may be inclined to act hastily and without proper guidance.

Bilingual Safety Tags
Bilingual safety tags such as this double-sided one are helpful in workplaces where languages other than English are common currency. To prevent needless accidents and costly liability, employers can communicate safety information in the language best understood by workers.
Hazardous Materials Safety Tags
Hazardous materials can pose a serious threat to employees if handled improperly or in case of an accident, and the potential for dangerous situations is much greater in workplaces that handle these substances. Tags warning of the presence of hazardous materials should indicate the type of hazard involved. That way, employees and emergency responders can better identity potential threats and respond to the situation properly.
Defective & O.K. Tags
"Defective" tags and "O.K. to use" tags alert employees to the condition of the equipment they're operating. These tags are color-coded to maximize visibility and recognition: red for defective and green for operable. These tags also include lines to write important information such as the date and name of inspection.

Repair Tags
Repair tags inform employees of equipment undergoing repair or maintenance. These tags allow users to highlight instructions, the date, and the repairman's signature. Not only do repair tags protect employees from faulty equipment, they also protect sensitive equipment from employees. Repair tags save employers from accident liability as well as increased repair costs.
Self-Laminating Photo Tags
Self-laminating photo tags feature a clear-polyester flap to protect the tag from wear, weather, and vandals. The photo indicates who has locked out the equipment, giving workers a clear and unmistakable reason to be careful around locked out property.

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